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Who We Are

The Asencoex group is made up of a team of professionals and experts with more than 18 years of experience in foreign trade.

Through our company we offer all kinds of solutions in this area, in order to become the logistics partner of our clients through a personalized and specialized service that meets their requirements and needs.

We facilitate international trade through the integration of different tools and solutions to reduce costs and time in all import and export procedures, through our qualified agents to provide you with advice, help and a pleasant service at any time of the day, all the days of the year.
We are also an Indirect Air Carrier (IAC).

Our headquarters are in Miami, USA. USA Where we have our own warehouse to make the corresponding arrangements.

Asencoex is a free trade user in Colombia. We have offices in different cities in Colombia, Peru and Argentina, and we have strategic partners around the world.

We do not stop growing!

Thanks to all our clients for trusting us!


We work for the satisfaction and benefit of our clients, who are those who work in foreign trade activities for whom the normal services of logistics operators, airlines and integrators are not enough, since they require a more personalized and reliable special service.


“We want to show you the” Grandfather Project. “The Godfather Project” is a tool used to assess the satisfaction of our clients through monthly meetings to improve the processes provided by Asencoex.

General objectives:

  • Achieve customer retention
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Together to develop continuous improvement.

Why Choose Us? Find reasons to choose us as your freight partner

Customer Satisfication Tools

We work with tools and services necessary to provide a complete assistance service in all processes related to foreign trade activities.

Management & Reporting

We manage and monitor the entire shipping process, from the place of origin to the destination, until it reaches the hands of our customers.

Likewise, we maintain constant communication with our clients, to whom we inform each step of the management to be carried out by our team.

Freight Payment Options

We offer our clients different options for the payment of their freight, in addition to the most competitive prices on the market in relation to quality – cost.

Compliance Solutions

We offer multiple solutions in addition to our shipping service. From insurance policies, to advice to enter different markets and buy imported merchandise, door-to-door delivery, among others.